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If grainy goodness or grits are what make your mornings the best, look no further than the Local Palate Marketplace for your fix. Our premium rice, grits, and grains from vendors like Altman Farms have generational experience behind them and will leave you stuffed in the best way possible.

  • Lavington Farms Charleston Gold Aromatic Rice

    Food for the Southern Soul Lavington Farms Charleston Gold Aromatic Rice

      Lavington Farms popular Charleston Gold Aromatic rice is the aromatic off-spring of the much-heralded Carolina Gold variety that has flourished in the lowcountry’s kitchens for decades. The rice is characterized by its rich golden hull and distinct, unmatched nutty flavor. The grain is cultivated and harvested right here in the lowcountry of South Carolina. Produced by Lavington Farms, the Charleston Gold Aromatic Rice is representative of the perfect marriage of a quintessential southern staple and a delectable basmati rice with deep international roots. This gold aromatic rice was developed right in South Carolina in the late 20th-century by Drs. Buford Shepard of Clemson University and Gurdev Kush of the International Rice Research Institute. The duo sought to create a short stature gold hulled rice that kept the traditional plush mouth feel of Carolina Gold and maintained the distinct fragrance of an East Indian cool weather rice. Dr. Anna McClung continued to refine the plant into what it is now: Charleston Gold. Today, the rice is used in the homes of cooks nationwide, in professional and restaurant kitchens throughout the Lowcountry, and frequently pops up on a number of menus in Charleston’s bustling culinary scene. This rice is specially formulated to be served and soak up flavor. We recommend piling it under jambalaya or pairing it with a slab of country-style steak for the perfect base grain to absorb seasoning and add a savory smell and taste that is all its own. If you can't get enough to just buy one, you can try Charleston Gold Aromatic Rice 3 PackPackaging: 17-ounce paper bag.

Southern Grains | The Local Palate Marketplace


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